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Virtual design and construction

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Preconstruction services

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about us

Company History

Clean Energy Services (CES) was founded to focus on providing high quality operations and maintenance (O&M) services for the renewable energy industry. Our co-founder and CEO, Ahmad Atwan, has 25+ years of experience building successful energy businesses and investing billions of dollars across the energy sector. Our management team is made up of a diverse group of talented and experienced professionals from every sector of the renewable energy industry.

Our initial focus is to partner with clients in providing best-in-class services and technology for wind, solar, and energy storage. We place quality and safety first to provide reliable service for renewable assets.  From a macro perspective, the team plans to capitalize on the fact that renewable energy operators and investors have focused on growing assets at all costs, and have lagged in developing dedicated renewable energy services companies.  This has resulted in an opportunity for CES to build a world-class organization dedicated to providing excellent services to its customers through a combination of great people and great technology.

Our culture

Our purpose is to improve lives through what we do.

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