Solar O&M

O&M contracts with upside

O&M is often presented as a single line item in operating expense budgets, but our data analytics and maintenance plans are formulated to increase overall cashflows by reducing unexpected change order expenses and identifying proactive revenue-increasing optimization opportunities. Our Remote Operation &Control Center is designed to accommodate both standalone and solar-plus-storage use cases from the start so that we're solving for the same economic outcome you are. Further, we've built a modular technology architecture that enables us to regularly refresh our analytical approach with the latest in machine learning and on-site robotics integrations.The template has been released!

Remediation & special project strike teams

CES has dedicated traveling teams with advanced training in inverters, tracker systems, and direct current (DC) troubleshooting & repair that are available to temporarily augment your existing O&M staff and get your system back to where it should be performing. Even the best O&M providers get stretched thin and can't always keep up with more granular issues that affect performance, so we've made it a point to carve out bandwidth in order to be able to help out whenever this happens.  

Construction advisory and quality assurance inspections

Many of the issues that result in underperformance or costly repairs during a solar asset's life stem from corners cut during the design and construction phases. CES offers remote advisory services as well as on-site civil & electrical quality assurance inspections to ensure that renewable projects are implemented to support their rated useful life. These inspections can also be tailored to end-of-warranty use cases so that asset owners can get the most out of their construction and manufacturer warranties before they expire.