Gerrit van Doornik

Gerrit was born and raised in the Netherlands where he developed a love for wind energy, naval architecture, and engineering. Years later, he has made a name for himself internationally as a crane services expert who is dedicated to supporting the international energy transition through the provision of quality services for renewable assets. Formerly, he served as Vice President of the Gulf Coast and Mexico for Mammoet (the largest crane services company in the world) where, given his interest in renewable asset maintenance, successfully launched the company’s Crane Services for Wind Assets. As Vice President, he also grew the Gulf Coast and Mexico region earnings from $40 M to $60 M annual revenue in <2 years. Gerrit’s expertise has been founded in respect of people, consciousness of safety, and foundational project and quality management principles. Gerrit’s tenure includes many heavy lifting and transport projects and the direct management of up to 100 people, 30 cranes, 450 lines of SPMT, 15 trucks, and 7 barges in each project. The most prized statistic is that he directly oversaw close to 400,000 work hours without any lost time incident on one of his projects. Gerrit also previously worked for BP for 4+ years as a Naval Architect supporting execution of engineering, construction, transport & installation for various multi-billion dollar projects.