VP of Field Services

Stephen Coggin

Stephen Coggin, Vice President of Field Services, has served as a leader in the battery services industry since the industry’s early days. Most recently, Stephen was with FlexGen Power Systems, a pioneering battery storage company. He initially led the Service and Commissioning division, and subsequently oversaw the Construction business. His tenure at FlexGen began when the Energy Storage Industry was in its infancy. Stephen was therefore one of the first people to service and commission battery storage projects in the US and globally. Over a ten-year period at Flexgen, Stephen played an instrumental role in developing and servicing numerous Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects, with capacities varying from 1.5 to 200 megawatts. His extensive experience and leadership have been vital in shaping the landscape of energy storage and electrical service industries. Prior to Flexgen, Stephen spent eight years in the Power Generation Industry as a controls electrician. During this period, he specialized in servicing and programming generator sets ranging from 1mW to 3.5mW, along with various electrical gear in both onshore and offshore settings. Overall, Stephen has over three decades of energy storage commissioning and services, construction management, and industrial / electrical construction experience. Stephen is also a Master Electrician and earned a Certificate in Construction Management from the University of Houston.